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1 Shir'Van.. on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:58 am


Race – Shir'van

Favored element – Chaos

Lifespan – 75-100 Years

Size – 2 – 6 feet

Appearance – These Feline Humanoids vary widely in Appearing, having name different Fur patterns. They have No set High, or Style, everything Depends largely on where the Shir'van is from

Habitat – The Larger of the Shir'van Live in the Jungles on the Vah'Sharn Isles Or on the vast plains of Pamalak, the smaller members of this race, are very Nomadic Traveling around the Continent in Caravans, making a living as Performers, Con Artists, assassins, and in the larger cities where they take longer term residence, They often turn to a life of organized Crime

Capitol – Trigarus

Personality – Shir'van Are Dignified, and Curious, They often get them selves in to trouble trying to find things out. They love the Comforts in life, many of them would much rather sit some where and relax all day then go out and do manual work. They can be Mischievous and often Untrustworthy. When these Felines Mate it is Often for life, though They tend to stray from there mates with out permission, enjoying sneaking behind there backs. When having Children, the Women usually have between 3 and 5 at a time, The Men spend a lot of time raising the Children, while the women Provide for the Families, or spend time Socializing. Many of the Shir'van, love a good Con and arn't afraid to Manipulate people into getting what they want. They get along with most others, though some are Wary of the Felines due to a reputations as Criminals

Racial traits – Natural Weapons being able to use there Claws and Teeth to attack. An innate sense of Balance allowing them to do things most other races couldn't. They are Quick thinking and Able to Gather Information that is generally Known by more Shady people rather fast. Able to See, Hear, and Small slightly Better then other races.

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