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1 Kejeek.... on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:53 am


Race – Kejeek

Favored element - Chaos

Lifespan – 60 – 80 Years

Size – 3 ½ – 5 ½ Feet

Appearance – Kejeek Can either be Dry, and scaly, with Neutral Colored Skin and Clawed Feet and hands, Often with red, orange, and yellow, Neck frills. That flare when the Kejeek is Angry. Or be very brightly Colored, with slick, smooth skin, and suctioning hands and feet. Both Have Long Tails that drag the ground. Dont Have any need to wear clothing, Though man wear Harnesses to attach and carry objects.

Habitat – Kejeek Live In two main places, The Scaly Ones live deep in the Desert, while the more Slick ones like in Swamps and deep in Damp Forests.

Capitol –Agradalgra.

Personality – They are very Private people, slow to trust but when you get to know then they are loyal friends and like having a good time. Though mostly Private they are very open with there emotions, Some having Frills and some having changing skin color depending on there moods. They are very interested in new things. Not often having interaction with too many people due to living deep in the Forest or Desert. They are Very Eager to trade even Personal items for anything that could help them or there Clutches. Clutches are Groups of mates, and life partners, usually 3-5 Kejeek will bond and share there lives together, having eggs and raising children as a group. they will do anything for a member of there clutch, Kajeek are Wary of Outsiders, quick to trade but slow to trust, they don't hold prejudice towards many of the other race though tend to be much more cautious of Rakaphit due to being ripped off in business.

Racial traits – Kejeek are Poisonous, Either being able to Spit or bite to inject some one. Are Apt Climbers, Due to There Sticky Pads, or Claws. Very Adaptable, they can deal well with intense heat and cold due to being able to change there body Temperature. Since Kajeek are Largely Traders and and Business men, they are very good at seeing through scams, lies, and bluffs.

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