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Hyd' Alkerii

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1 Hyd' Alkerii on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:52 am


Race – Alkerii (Hyd'alkerii)

Favored element - Water

Lifespan – 700 -800 Years

Size – 7 ½ – 8 ½ feet

Appearance - Very Tall yet lithe, Small slender framers, very long limbs, They have very angular features, Long Pointed ears, Slanted eyes, Sharp noises, and very deifned mouths. The Women Generally have small chests. Fire Energy Manifests on there bodies. Often in the form of Hair, Around the Neck, lower arms, or lower ankles, down the back of the spine, or as a tail. The Hyd'Alkerii also Very often have Webbing of Water engery between there Fingers and Toes. They can often be found with Small Scales covering Various Parts of there bodies. They wear long flowing, multi layers robes in many deep Blues, Purple, Greens and Blacks

Habitat – Often Live near Beaches or ponds, In swampy areas or under the ocean,

Capitol – Hydalithia

Personality – the Hyd'alkerii very much value knowledge they spend much of there lives Studying the world around them. They Love All types of Art, and Language as well as Mathematics and History. Many people spend there entire lives in College, or set out into the world to learn. As a whole they are very slow to anger, but when they are angered they can be full of wrath. Hyd'Alkerii tend to take mates for life, though only through accident. They will often end up falling for there study Partner or someone they trade knowledge with, and just happen to spend there lives together and have children. They are too busy learning to worry about such rituals things as Marriage. They are Open to any one who they may be able to learn something from Peaceful Outsiders with knowledge to share are always welcomed into the city.

Racial traits – Resistant to water, Weak against Earth. Can deliver touch attacks Dazes an enemy. Amphibious, They have a very fast swim speed and can breath under water. Very Resourceful when it comes to research, they are very god at finding Information.

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