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1 Aur'Alkerii on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:49 am


Race - Alkerii (Aur'Alkerii)

Favored element – Air

Lifespan – 300- 500 years

Size – 6 – 7 Feet

Appearance - Very Tall yet lithe, Small slender framers, very long limbs, They have very angular features, Long Pointed ears, Slanted eyes, Sharp noises, and very deifned mouths. The Women Generally have small chests. air Energry Manifests on there bodies. Often in the form of Hair, Around the Neck, lower arms, or lower ankles, down the back of the spine, or as a tail. The Aur'Alkerii also can have air energy surrounding there hands. The Aur'Alkerii are very androgynous, it is hard to tell the women from the men. They wear a lot of very bright colored, Flowing Skirts, with tons of layers of different lengths and Colors. Flowing shirts with large sleeves and low neck lines. A lot of patterned tights and high heels. As well as loud, bright Jewelry.

Habitat – Have no Preferance, Live all over the world.

Capitol – Aurendyl

Personality - Politics, and laws are a game to them. They aim to surpass and get around the rules. They are Free Spirited, Open to change, Tricksters, and comedians, They love to laugh at others and them selves. Constantly playing pranks on every one else, they also love having pranks played on them selves. They do not Settle down on anything. Many change careers many times in there lives. Or have several at once. Mates are the same to them. They are most often, Pansexual, or Asexual They will mate as long as they want, and to as many as they want. until they are ready to move on. In which case both member of the relationship part ways happy for the experience. Children are Raised by both parents if they are together, or by which ever parent decides to take care of the child. They are very Centered around having a good time, and often have Shows through at the city. To show case people talents. Aur'Alkerii are very open and excepting to every one around them. They highly Value wit, and a sense of humor.

Racial traits – Resistance to Air, Weak against Fire. Can Deliver a Touch attack provoking Euphoria. They are very light, They nearly float above the ground, making it easier to climb, and travel across harsh terrain. They are very Fluid in there movements and are especially good at anything involving dancing or Performance.

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