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1 Ter'Alkerii on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:48 am


Race - Alkerii (Ter'alkerii)

Favored element - Earth

Lifespan – 700 -900 Years

Size – 7 – 9 Feet

Appearance - Very Tall yet lithe, Small slender frames, very long limbs, They have very angular features, Long Pointed ears, Slanted eyes, Sharp noises, and very defined mouths. The Women Generally have small chests. earth Energry Manifests on there bodies. Often in the form of Hair, Around the Neck, lower arms, or lower ankles, down the back of the spine, or as a tail. The Ter'Alkerii also Very often Earth Energy coming down around there chests and shoulders. They wear very Plain and simply natural colored robes with large arms and hoods, tied around the waist with a simple chord, Or they wear nothing at all. they never wear shoes.

Habitat – Live in wide open Natural Caverns, deep in the cliffs of Zaladria

Capitol –Terradrone,

Personality – A very Stubborn and Determined people. The Ter'Alkerii are resistant to change. They used to live all across the world. But receded in upon them selves. When it began to change too much for their liking. They are very Slow in everything they do, they do not talk unless the have to. Idle banter has no place in there lives. Many of them find something to devote there lives to, and do so whole heartily, never changing there minds. They consider every one of there race to be family, They do not take mates, many of them have favored Partners but in general all are free to be intimate and reproduce with who ever they want. Children are taken care of by everyone. As a baby the child is passed around between new mothers, as it gets older, the decision of which parental figure the child wishes to live with and be raised by is left to the kid. The child can choose one figure to take care of them, or hope around between several. Ter'Alkerii Do not like others in there city, and have many negative feeling towards the other races as a whole, viewing them as the one who brought the unwanted change to the world. While they mostly stay in there city, the often send certain people out into the world, to observe and note the changes.

Racial traits – Resistant to Earth, Weak against Air. Can deliver a healing touch effect. Very Resistance to Poison, Confusing, Insanity, and Flinching. They are very neutral, they are good at bring peace between two fighting parties.

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