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1 Bal'Alkerii on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:18 am


Race – Alkerii (Bal'alkerii)

Favored element - Fire

Lifespan – 500 – 700 Years

Size – 6- 8 Feet tall

Appearance – Very Tall yet lithe, Small slender frames, very long limbs, They have very angular features, Long Pointed ears, Slanted eyes, Sharp noises, and very deifnes mouths. The Women Generaly have small chests. Fire Energry Manifests on there bodys. Often in the form of Hair, Around the Neck, lower arms, or lower ankles, down the back of the spine, or as a tail. The Bal'Alkerii also Very often have Horns or Fire Energy on there heads. They wear loose clothing with a lot of skin exsposed, many Bright Vibrant Reds, Golds, Yellows, and Whites.

Habitat – Live in Very Hot, dry climates, Often found Near Volcanoes, In deserts, or on very dry Savannas.

Capitol – Balacrois

Personality – Very Quick Tempered, But quick to calm down as well, they are very passionate about everything they do. They are Feisty and often get in fights with those close to them, but soon make up with them. They love Contests of the body and the mind, constantly competing and trying to make them selves better. They are very Protective and Loyal to their own Families. They often live with there extended families in one home. They mate for life, spending a lot of time trying to find the right person, a Bal'Alkerii goes through many relationships in there life time until finding the right one at which point, the two are married and move into a very large house together where both both Extended Families follow and join each other. Children are observed growing up by the family members, to find out what they are good at, and then they are trained at it until they are a master. Bal'Alkerii form opinions of individuals, never races as a whole, they are quick to judge, and hold disdain towards the slow and lazy.

Racial traits – Resistance to Fire, weak to water. Can deliver a touch attack that does fire damage. Can raise there body temperature to the point where an attack enemy takes burn damage, though exhausts the user. Skilled at Competition, Since contests are such a large part of there life Bal'alkerii have seen most riddles, and know most Games, giving them an Upper hand

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