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Race – Rorakin

Favored element - Fire

Lifespan – 40 – 50 years, though most die in Battles

Size – 6 – 7 feet tall

Appearance - Rorakin Are Tall and Muscular, there skin ranges from Pale greens to Dark browns, some can even be shades of Orange. They dont have very much hair on there heads but there arms, legs, chests, and backs of the men and women, are often covered in hair. They have Large Tusks protruding from there lower jaws. They wear very loose fitting cloths, a lot of wraps and loin cloths made from animal skins When living in tribes. The more civilized Rorakin wear tighter brightly clothes clothing with flowing sleeves and legs, as well as a lot of jewelery.

Capital - Orjak

Habitat – The more civilized Rorakins live in the City, Orjak, while Many live in tribes at the base of the Northerns cliffs of Pamalak, as well as in the icy Tundra of Zaladria

Personality – Rorakin are Brutal, angry, War loving creatures, with a one track mind who favor strength over all else. Very Often having many Contests, and Games to Prove who is the Strongest of the Rorakin, and also to provide entertainment for the others. They are very Passionate, when they start something they are determined to To finish it. If they pick up a trade the practice until they are a master, Many of them producing beautiful armors and weapons. They are Very Independent. The entire tribe looks out for children. Though there young are mainly left to Figure things out for them selves. More intelligent but weaker Rorakin, are looked down upon and there for team up with some one stronger. To look out for them. Many of the Warlods had a much Smarter Rorakin at there side Advising them on what to do. Rorakin dont take Mates. The women will decide which men they want to mate with to have children. The Female Rorakin, Choose a male and initiate battle with them, The battle ending either in Sex, or death for the male. The Societies General Segregate in to groups of men and women, living together, and looking out for each other. Rorakin are not able to reproduce at any time. They go into heat every three months. At which time the women start fighting among them selves over who will mate with who. Orakin welcome the Strong and Powerful into there Villages and City. They are Friendly with those who can prove themselves, in combat.

Racial traits – They are tough, quick healers, they are quick to recover from physical status effects. They are Angry, and can throw them selves into a rage, making them hit harder, and will keep fighting even if they should be dead, when coming out of the rage they will die if they pushed them selves too far. Due to there strength and persistence, they make excellent Armor and Weapon Crafters. They are also very handy when it comes it battle, being able to use many unorthodox things around them to hit creatures, or to defend themselves.

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