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1 Freezing.. on Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:26 am


It was a tight squeeze. Octavia hugged in the middle. Wyvern barely taking up space with his arms in the air manning the controls. Paisly filled more then half the basket, sitting cross legged arms relaxing in the sides. Click and Digger were huddled in the corner and TK lay curled in a ball in paislys lap.

The balloon rose up, the green grey landscape shrunk away. Rather quickly clouds overtook them. Even in their thick winter clothing shivers ran down sprines. They pressed into each other as the balloon was swept forward by the cool Arctic breeze.

"Hopefully a freak storm doesn't roll in" Wyvern said blowng warm breath into his hands and rubbing them together.

"Doesn't look too bad right now" Ovtania admired the white fluffy clouds gleaming in the late afternoon sun.

"Are we prepared for one?" Paisly glanced up from her book.

"Yeah we'll be fine. I've weathered plenty harsh winds and heavy rains. You'll see" he patted the balloons rigging with trust.

"Time to get out of this fridgid fuckin north" Click pipped up

"It'll be nice to see things bloom again. Digger pulled the over sized jacket they were wearing together tight around himself and Click.

Conversation turned to their recent conquest and excitment to leave the long bitter winter behind them.
The sky ahead glowed and danced in pink and green and yellow Aurora's.
Yawns spread through the group infecting one after another. Huddled close for warmth they akwardly avoided eye contact. Staring at the beautiful sparkling sky was the perfect excuse.

Balloon flight was a breeze. The clouds around then turned warm oranges and pinks while the air bit their faces for then ever. They drifted through the freezing mist. The sun dipped out of veiw and the Aurora lit the sky up brilliantly.
Then suddenly and whole out of place something was flying through the air in front of them. Flying.. or swimming?
"That looks like a fish.." Paisly said pointing out the obvious.. and rediculous.

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