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Race – Avorials

Favored element – Air

Lifespan – 30 – 50 years

Size - 4 – 5 ½ feet

Appearance – Large feathery wings attacked to their backs, between the shoulder blade,talon like hands with three fingers and a thumb, They have feathered heads with beaks on there faces, the feathers go down there necks to slightly cover there shoulders and chest,the rest of there body is exposed skin, ranging in colors from pale to very tan. The have have bird shaped feet though they are still covered skin, able to grasp some objects with them. Their feathers color ranges dramatically from grays and browns to bright colorful patterns. Their wing spans are up to three times their height when they are fully expanded.
Capital – Trenno

Habitat – Generally live on High Clicks making nests on the cliff edges and in high caves

Personality – Avorials are very free and easy going, they don't desire privacy and are very open with those around them. They love to collect things, though once then have gotten something it loses its novelty quickly and is forgotten, usually to be picked up by a friend or neighbor. Often they have large gatherings, where Avorials will go not only to socialize, but to show off their newest possessions, gawk over others, and trade for newer, better objects. They usually don't take Mates for life. Finding a mate only for a season or two, to hatch an egg, and raise a child till they leave the nest, then the parents will move on to another mate to lay more eggs. Avorials are wary of outsiders at first, but are quick to make friends with any one seemingly interesting.

Racial traits – Most, though not all Avorials are capable of flight, short of long distances. Able to field weapons with there feet. Very proficient with ranged weapons. Due to their frail build Avorials are very good at healing, due to a vast knowledge of anatomy, making it easier for them to Heal and Pin point Attacks on other humanoids.

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