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1 Solitude.. on Sat May 28, 2016 4:06 am


The Rorakin leave their criminals to form their own ramshackle, violent, crime filled towns. Dwarves drop theirs in open, molten, cracks in the earth. Sha-Ka'dir twist and lock the mind, then keep the slack bodies alive in hanging cages. Shir'Vhan choose to shame wrong do'ers, and they've been known to spread the name of a Shamed One across a content in less then a week. Gnomes sell their convicts away, but no one is quite sure to who.

Avorials have been known to clip the wings of serious offenders.  Cainoods often accept guilt and self punishment as enough. Rakaphit degenerates walk to plank, except in extreme cases where they are rewarded with their own fleet of ships.

Humans prefer to collect their nefarious members of society in mass and keep them all in one place. With no purpose, little use, and maximum chaos. They build prisons.

Only Humans are backwards enough to build castles to keep people in. People with nothing to do but mill about. Contemplating.

A dull, chipped black talon, that used to be razor sharp, but now ended cracked and broken kicked a small tan pebble across the smooth grey stone ground. It skittered a few feet before plinking into a similarly grey stone wall with a very soft sound that hardly echoed at all in the empty stone yard.

An extremely loud sigh, that sounded exaggerated, but wasn't at all, the only other noise to be heard. A black feather that lacked any shine, and was rather crumpled, tumbled to the ground gracelessly. It landed on the gray stone floor in silence.

Saurians will leave their corrupt in Sha-ka'dir territory to save upstanding citizens from the fate of their hunting. Alkerii have been heard to employ rigorous deprivation and reform sessions that quickly rehabilitate their undesirable members.

Stories sail across the sea that tell of the wicked on Vachuul being scarified to blood lusting deities.  At The Bottom of The World they drop villains straight into the ocean and be done with it.

Any of those fates, it seems would be more preferably then being sentenced to the most infamous lock down on Spekrog. A criminal with hopes of seeing the light of day again's worst nightmare. The largest, most secret prison ever built, devised, or at the very least rumored by the GRUK. Where they send the worst of their worst. Their most nefarious. Most devious. Most despicable criminals and villains. As well as their petty thieves, minor offenders, and slightly accused. The Big House.

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