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1 Tavern.... on Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:08 pm


"So, you're sitting in a tavern." A classy man eased into a chair across the table from a woman who didn't look at all like she appreciated his company.
"Of all the places I thought I might find you, my dear. Drinking leisurely wasn't my first thought"

"What do you want?" The woman hissed. She hid under a large hood, pulled down low over her eyes.

"Oh don't be so defensive doll, I'm just here to make you an offer" the man stroked his expertly molded facial hair.

"I'm not going to sleep with you. I can't afford your price. I'll just have to find another way." She crossed her arms over her chest and withdrew further into her cloak.

"Silly woman. I don't fancy your kind anyway. I can take you as far a Sorn. I'll do it for half the price." He acted like he was bargaining. Not doing her a favor.

"Why?" The woman hesitated.

"Ive been traveling alone for a while now. It just gets lonely up the clouds with no company but the birds squawking and shitting on me."
"And I don't mean that kind of company. Well just talk." He added when she didn't accept his offer.

"A quarter the price..." She whispered.

"Oh come on darling, you're killing me. Alright. A quarter the price and you do me a favor when we make it to Sorn."

"And I pay you when we get to Sorn too."

"Doll. You need be more trusting." He smiled a genuine friendly smile under his curling mustache.

The woman nearly let out a bark of laughter at that. But she bit her tongue.

"When will we..." She started to ask. But the man had already gotten up from her table.

"Dress warm." he winked. "Departure in an hour" and he walked away.  

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