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1 Steller.... on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:17 am


Around a planet, with sprawling grassy plains, hot oil springs, and damp rolling breezes, a planet with a beating core,  orbits a moon.

Slowly it cracks and crumbles to pieces. An irridesant pulsating jelly fish wriggles free from the rubble. Its tentacles stream behind it like mile long ribbons as it swims delicate circles in space.

The moonjelly leaves its home planet. Swimming away into the dark vastness of space.
Its tentacles exsplode. The massive energy rockets the creature clear out of the solar system.

Its consumes everything in its path. Space dust. Pebbles. Absorbing the minerals through its porous skin. With every spec it eats it grows. Soon its sucking in asteroids. Still hurtling through space. Growing. As it grows, its food grows, and the cycle contiues. Its speed slowly slowing. Eventually the round fat swollen jelly is absorbing moons. Colliding with them. Breaking then apart on impact. Sucking the moon in through its dermal crust.

One day. Light years from where it hatched the now massive jelly collides with a planet. Swallowing it whole. The planet jelly replaces its conquests seat in its solar system, orbiting its star, disguised as a planet.

It captures moons in its gravity and slowly pulls them in. Devoring them. Occasionally a moon will seemingly pull out of the planet, orbiting it a while before cracking open to reveal a jelly fish with mile long ribbons flowing behind it.

The planet jelly eats and eats and grows and grows. Eventually even eating its neighbor planets. The fat planet gets so large. So rotund. Massive. It collapses under its own weight. Condensing into the tinyiest, coolest star. Smaller then a marble.

The miniscule sun burns a dim dull orange. Contending with the gravity of its host solar systems sun, the creature is once again shot off Into to space like a sling shot.

Devoring everything its its path. Comets. Planets. Suns. Burning brighter, and larger, and hotter. Until it once again can't bear the weight of its own body. Its collapses again crushing its self into the smallest point imaginable. A white hole. Raw matter shoots out in every direction.
The moon jelly ceases to exist.

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