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1 Eyes...... on Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:35 am


"Are you sure you want to so this? "

"I have to. "

"Do you know what color you want? "

Kathrune stared down through the glass. It was wiped clean, only a few finger prints dotting its pristine surface. She stared at round stones lined up in pairs.
She bite her lower lip, harder then she realized. But she used the opportunity. when the metallic taste of blood met her tongue she uttered the words that would boost her courage.
Her gaze flashed to the woman behind the counter and then to the mirror behind her.
Kathrunes reflection stared back at her accusingly, betrayal shown on her eyes.
She blinked backed tears, and wondering if shed still be able to cry she admired the blue eyes that were exactly the color of her fathers.

"You don't have to get a set. You can mix and match. "

Kathrunes attention snapped back to the case of perfectly crafted eye balls.

"And I'll still be able to see? "

"Hell yes. Ancient magic stones worn to perfect spheres by the hands of monks. They spent years rolling the stones over in their palms, chanting prayers . and very slowly wareing the stones into spheres.

"One green. One purple. "

"Good choice. "

The mohawked rocker girl behind the counter nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Alright let's fucking get to it then!  "

She grabbed Kathrunes hand and lead her around the counter pulling her into the back of the shop.

"You'll lay here." She pat a cushioned alter in the middle of the room. Massive candles burned in each corner cast an ominous glow across the walls. Every inch of the walls had art scrolling across it. Tall stands held bright candles that hovered over each corner of the alter.  

Kathrune sat down and admired the art in front of her, thinking this may be the last thing she ever sees.

Unicorns with blood seeming from their horns and running down their faces. A crumbling tower with metal spikes jutting in every direction. The clouds painted across the sky were the most beautiful shade of grey. The looked so real and swollen with rain Kathrune was sure they would open up dumping water across landscape, ruining the painting.

She blinked, slowly. Rolling her eyes around, focusing on every feeling of movement.

"And I'll be able to see?" She asked again. Still not reassured by the answer. She chewed on her lip again, reopening the wound that had stopped bleeding. Sucking more blood from her slightly swollen lip. She repeated her courage incantation.

Kathrune breathed deep, laying down on the velvet covered alter, before exhaling.

Silently the chick worked her way around the alter. Leather straps hung down, attached somewhere underneith. She lovingly, tightly tight Kathrune down. The leather just badry didn't cut into her flesh. The straps secured her, restraining her against the table. The last strap was a long thigh one. Kathrune shivered as it was place over her forehead and knoted into place on the opposite side. She tried to move, or even just turn her head. She could not.  

The punk hovered over with a grin splitting her mouth wide.  Her teeth were filed to points.
Candle light glinted off the razor in her hand. Kathrune closed her eyes tight.

She flooded her mind with images of everything she wanted.

'Let me know."

Another deep breath. She focused on the task at hand, pushing all her other thoughts away. Another deep breath. She worried she was making the biggest mistake of her life. A deeper breath. Focus. A deeper breath. She wished shed let her friend come along to support her. A deeper breath. She held her own hand. A deeper breath. This is what had to happen. A deeper breath. She focused on the spell she would channel the pain into. Another deep breath. Her body relaxed. She focused on her breathing. She felt her self slipping to that almost dreaming place that happened before sleep.

"Okay." Kathrune whispered, meaning to open her eyes but keeping them shut tight.

Her eye lids were pried apart. she found her self lost in the fractal that blossomed on the ceiling.

She wanted so badly to close her eye as the deadly edge of persicly sharped metal moved, almost in slow motion towards her.

She pushed every other thought away as the curved metal instrument touched the outer corner of her eye. It didn't take much pressure for the cold blade to sink into the soft eye socket flesh. The metal curved around the eyeball hugging it perfectly.

The punk started carefully sliding the metal deeper. Kathrunes face twinged with pain and started to burn. She uttered her spell in a quiet voice, focusing on the pain. Until it was unbearable. Then she focused on her tongue sliding around her mouth as she formed the complicated words of her verses.

Pain exploded through the side of her head. The fractal faded from existence. The world went black as the blade found its mark severing her optical cords. She spat the phrases of her prayer out with ferocity now.
She cried out again and her stomach turned over as she heard a sickening pop.

She felt warmth well up where her eye had once been. Been all her life. And blood ran down the side of her face. In to her hair. On to the alter.

Kathrunes dug her nails into the velvet and she put everything she had into chanting her spell.
The fractal appeared again, abruptly as her left eye was wrenched open.

This time the metal pressed into her eye faster. Tears splashed out. Another burst of pain filled the left side of her skull and the fractal dissapeared just as fast. Anguish flodded her body crashing down wave after wave, as relentless as the shore in a storm.

Kathrunes chanting, which had started as a whisper, was know being belted out at an amazing volume and intensity. Her heels kicked down against the alter. She clawed at her temples and dragged her sharp nails down her cheeks, smearing the blood that was running down the sides of her face.

The punk started her own prayer. Picking up a fresh blade to slowly drag across the mangled scared flesh on her forarm. Her skin split open like a butterflys wings opening for the first time. Blood rushed out, sprinkling the floor. Her spell was more practiced and mythotical. Not only a spell to perform her work, but a spell to encourage her costumers spell.
She held the eyes in between her palms warming the stones,  flowing energy In to them..

Kathrune felt horrible pressure where her eyes had been. She shrieked the last twisted syllables of her ritual and the room went darker then black.  consciousness escaped her.

When she awake her entire face was unbelievable sore. She was afraid to open her eyes. Very slowly she lifted her swollen painful eyelid. Darkness.

She felt the alter beneath her. The candles that had surround her had burned themselves out. She blinked a few time, panic welling up inside her. When she  noticed a faint glowing at the edges of vision. The fat candles still burned. She smiled despite her throbbing face and focused on channeling to pain into her cause.

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