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A freezing breeze blew through the woven sides of the balloons passenger basket. Kathrunes nose stung. She snaked a hand out of her cozy warm cloak that was wrapped around her like a cacoon. Her fingers felt shockingly warm against the cold skin of her nose. She held them there for a few moments. She opened her left eye. The sky was uniform gray. The kind of gray the sky only is on the balmiest day. Her breath rose into the air with every sleepy exhale. She licked her lips defrosting a thin layer of ice that had frozen on them during the night.
Kathrune opened her right eye. She glanced at the man whose balloon was now carrying her away into the clouds. He lay motionless completely encapsuled in his fur cloak. If she hasn't known it was him she might have thought there was a bear sleeping next to her.
Kathrune rolled from her side to her back and peered up at the blooming orange and yellow balloon. The fire burning beneith the large opening matched its color exactly. A flock of birds fly past squaking nervously. The massive thing floating through their clouds was a foreign concept to the migrating birds.
She rolled to the side that wasn't worn out from being slept on all night. Her warm cloak pulled off of her and a chilly wind blew through her cloths. she shivered and her nipples hardened before she could reajust her covering. She let out a happy sigh as she snuggled back into the warmth.
She stared at the baskets weaving. Thick and strong. Dark brown. Though she knew the outside was painted sky blue.
Should she wake the sleeping bear of a man or let him sleep? Where were they flying? How far had they gone already? She had so many questions. She decided to see if she could see the ground.
Making sure to keep herself wrapped up she leaned over the side of the basket. Holding on tight. There was no ground. Only mist and clouds. Kathrune got dizzy. Her nails dug into woven wood. She pulled herself back her stomach feeling and sat down with her back against the wall.
After a few deep breaths and she felt better. Though now that she thought about it it was hard to breath this high up.
Once she regained her senses and talked herself into believing they won't simply fall from the sky, Kathrune rose again. This time to warm her face and hands near the fire that hovered above on cleverly designed frame work.

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