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1 Gnomes.... on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:11 am


Race – Gnomes

Favored element - Arcane

Lifespan – 90-130 years

Size – 1 1/2 - 2 1/2  feet

Appearance – Very short, thicker round bodies, they have  large heads and bulbous faces, they age quickly reaching maturity around 20 years old. And gaining wrinkles and gray hair around 40. They wear a lot of lose fitting clothing, it a wide range of colors.

Capital – Nomfoodle

Habitat – Gnomes live in small dug out areas under the ground or in hills, usually in large clusters with other gnomes. Though they can be found quiet spread evenly through out civilized societies.

Personality – Gnomes Tend to be eccentric and focused on Learning. They are very Family orientated usually having 100s of cousins and being able to recall them all by there names. They also have many, many names. Being given a name at birth, and nicknames all through out there lives by people the meet. A gnome could be called something different by each parent, sibling, teacher, friend and coworker resulting in a massive list of nicknames by their old age. Many gnomes take up the occupation of inventor or tinkerer, working on the numerous clock work mechanisms spread out through the city, or inventing new ones of there own. Many gnomes follow the saying, “If a Gnome made it, It'll work, Guaranteeing” ...no, no, wait that wasn't it.. I think it was “if a gnome made it...*BOOM*” Gnomes are very Friendly with outsiders, both in there home lands, and out side.

Racial traits – Skilled at Engineering, Inventing and Tinkering. Innatly NonMagical, Very good at getting out of trouble, since they are so good at getting into it. Can see well in dimly lit areas

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